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The Caw: Here's the Perfect Present for the Ravens Fan in Your Life


Looking for that special gift for the special Ravens fan in your life?

If so, you're in luck, because this 1986 Chevrolet Van is for sale for the bargain price of $6,000.

Mike Hyatt, 62, is selling it just a stone's throw away from the Under Armour Performance Center. I drive past this puppy on my way into work every day, and I've been eyeing it up.

Now, I don't have much need for it because I don't tailgate before games (probably wouldn't be good for my job performance).

But for those of you who are into tailgating or want to get into tailgating should definitely check this out. No, I'm not getting a commission on this. It's just pretty sick.

The van comes with a grill, propane tanks, chairs, tent canopy, cornhole boards, stereo system and more.

"It's for little tailgating," Hyatt said. "I bought it for my son. I have the big [van] and I was going to give my son the little one so we would tailgate together. But he's more interested in going to the bars."

Little tailgating?

Yeah, this is Hyatt's baby version of his bigger set-up – a 1988 Ford Winnebago, which he is not selling.

That bad boy has four TVs, including a big-screen mounted to the side that can be watched while sitting outside, a built-in draft beer system with a tap on the outside, full bathroom, grill and more.

Hyatt has about 50 people tailgate with him and his wife in Lot H at Ravens home games. When the Ravens are on the road, his buddies come over and they tailgate in the driveway.

"That van is set up with everything," he said. "It is made for tailgating."

Those aren't the only Raven-ized vehicles Hyatt has in his collection.

He also has a 2012 Jeep Liberty with a full Ravens wrap, which is his personal car for general use. And there's his 2018 Chevy Ridge, which is his work truck (he's a general contractor), and has a Ravens flame going down the side and big, red Raven eyes on the tailgate.

Hyatt's driveway is so Ravens-filled that when rookies or new players have had trouble finding the Under Armour Performance Center, they've stopped at Hyatt's house to ask for directions.

"I'm 100 percent a massive fan and everybody knows it," Hyatt said. "Whenever I get a Christmas present, it's always a Ravens thing."

So, will you get the van for the Mike Hyatt in your life?

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