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The Caw: How Justin Forsett Became Buds With NBA Star Steph Curry


Who is Justin Forsett not friends with?

First it's President Barack Obama, now it's NBA superstar Steph Curry.

Over the past couple weeks, the Ravens running back has posted a few times on Twitter about Curry, including a picture with him after one of Curry's games.

So how do Forsett and Curry know each other?

They first met a few years ago when Forsett was with the Houston Texans. Curry was in town for an All-Star event and the two were introduced.

"We have some of the same people in our circle," Forsett said.

Forsett took notice of a clothing brand that Curry wears and has part ownership of called Active Faith. Curry rocks a wristband that says "In Jesus' Name I Play." Being religious himself, Forsett liked the wristband and started wearing it.

Last offseason, the two met up in Oakland, Calif., at one of Curry's Under Armour Select basketball camps. Forsett typically trains at his nearby alma mater, the University of California, Berkeley.

A couple weeks ago, they connected when Forsett was back in California for Super Bowl 50. Curry got Forsett tickets to come see him play, and afterwards they got to talking about a new social media app that Curry is involved with called Slyce. Forsett, if you can't tell by now, is a social media maven.

Forsett and Curry keep in touch via occasional texts otherwise, just to check in with each other.

"He's just an all-around good dude," Forsett said. "He's definitely my favorite player in the NBA with the way he carries himself and his faith background. Just a cool guy, for sure."

Alright, so who is in Forsett's all-time NBA top-five players?

1.       Michael Jordan

2.       Allen Iverson

3.       Chris Webber

4.       Paul Pressey (Forsett's father-in-law)

5.       Steph Curry

"Jordan, of course," Forsett said before mixing things up a bit. "[Some of the other four are] a little weird."

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