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The Caw: How Justin Tucker Celebrated His New Contract


Ravens kicker Justin Tucker reportedly got the most guaranteed money of any kicker in NFL history.

Knowing Tucker, you'd think he'd have some super creative way to celebrate. I mean, this was the elaborate engagement he planned for his wife.

So how did he celebrate?

"I had to postpone this conference call for about 10 minutes because I was in line at Potbelly's getting sandwiches for me and Amanda and my in-laws as a thank you to them for letting me use their fax machine," he said with a laugh.

What a baller.

What is it with Ravens stars and their fast food celebrations?

Joe Flacco went to McDonald's to celebrate his mega deal in 2013. Tucker revealed that when he made the team in 2012 as an undrafted rookie, he went to Chipotle.

"I went and got a burrito from Chipotle and got the chips and guac and didn't worry as much about the spending the extra couple bucks on the guac," Tucker said. "This time around we're celebrating with some Potbelly's turkey sandwiches."

Maybe next time he'll get real wild and spring for a $5 foot-long from Subway – with extra meat!

No word on a Potbelly's endorsement deal for Tucker yet, but I wouldn't be shocked.

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