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The Caw: How You Can Play Chess Against John Urschel


About two years ago, I took on Ravens guard/center and resident math genius John Urschel in chess.

Good news, Ravens fans. Now you can feel the painful sting of defeat for yourself!

The website has organized a pro-am vote-chess event pairing Urschel with International Master (yes, that's hilariously what they call really good chess players) Danny Rensch to take on the world in chess.

Any member can register to vote on what the "world's" next move should be. The game begins on June 1.

"I never thought my love for the game would take me this far," Urschel told

Urschel said he uses every day and that he and his girlfriend watch "ChessCenter" every week. What a romantic.

Urschel will have the final say on which move he and Rensch make, with Rensch serving mainly as an advisor on Urschel's strategy and thought process. Urschel and Rensch will release an in-depth video every five moves that will review what has happened in the game and their plan going forward.

Rensch, who is apparently noted for his "R-Rated" and hilarious commentary, will be critiquing Urschel. So this is really a learning tool for Urschel. And the best part for all of us may be watching someone finally match wits with the Ravens lineman.

"I really want to get better," Urschel told "So let me have it!"

Urschel is certainly no stranger to the game. He learned it from his parents when he was 6 years old and played every day during training camp at Penn State. And he's clearly still playing now that he's in the NFL, as this tweet from January shows:

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