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The Caw: Indiana Basketball Team Visiting Ravens


Ravens players typically aren't allowed to shoot around on the Under Armour Performance Center's basketball hoop. It's reserved for weekend warriors like myself.

But Head Coach John Harbaugh might have to lift the ban for one day Saturday. 

Harbaugh's brother-in-law, Tom Crean, is bringing his Indiana men's basketball team to visit the Ravens' walk-through and will stay for a practice of their own on the half court at the team's indoor training facility.

The Hoosiers are on a little Mid-Atlantic getaway. They're at the Naval Academy today, Owings Mills Saturday, then will attend the Ravens-Browns game at M&T Bank Stadium Sunday.

"The Hoosiers will be here lead by coach Tom Crean – the best coach in college basketball bar none – and we're excited to have them around," Harbaugh said with a big grin.

"I said [to my players], 'Does anybody want to jump in and practice with these guys?' You know what? They all raised their hand. They all think that they should have been a basketball player."

Harbs is absolutely right. I think every player in the locker room thinks he's the world's best baller.

Tyrod Taylor used to be the Ravens' best basketball player, by a landslide, but he's in Buffalo now. So who is the team's best player now?

The shortest guy on the team, running back Justin Forsett, claims he's a three-point shooter who came in second place at an offseason charity three-point event in Baltimore.

"Yes, I may bring it out," Forsett said of his three-point stroke. "If I don't ever get a 10-day contract with a team – professional team – I guess tomorrow, working out with Indiana, that'll be close enough."

I went around the locker room trying to get more answers.

"I don't want to toot my own horn or anything," said 6-foot-5 wide receiver Marlon Brown. "I can ball though. I was a definite baller back in the day."

"It's me," said cornerback Lardarius Webb before scanning his eyes around the locker room. "Yeah, me – most definitely.

"I'm a dog, man. I was a three-year starter, averaged 28.4 points my senior year [of high school]. I averaged 24 my junior year when we went to the state championship. It was a team full of seniors and I was the only junior. I was nominated for the McDonald's All-American. Didn't get it though."

Webb was the only person that did point me in another direction. He said fellow cornerback Kyle Arrington is pretty good and has some major hops. Turns out, Arrington may be the most modest too.

"I dabble in the air a bit," Arrington said. "I might have to check them out. I might have to challenge somebody to a dunk contest. We'll see if Harbs allows that."

And how good is Harbs?

"I came in third in the [charity] three-point contest," Harbaugh said. "I can shoot. Just lay off me. If you stay back and give me some room, I can make shots on you."

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