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The Caw: Jeremy Maclin Cashes in on Free Crab Cake Offer


When wide receiver Jeremy Maclin was deciding on his future in free agency, a local seafood joint made a compelling case to lure him to Baltimore.

Jimmy's Famous Seafood offered Maclin free crab cakes for life, and when he ultimately signed with the Ravens, he quickly made sure the offer still stood. Maclin is a big fan of crab cakes, and he told reporters after his first practice as a Raven that he planned on taking full advantage of the free food he had in his future.

The veteran receiver cashed in on the deal for the first time over the weekend. Maclin visited the restaurant with his wife and two other guests, and they gobbled up four crab cakes, a jumbo steamed crab and a parmesan crusted flounder. The restaurant then sent Maclin home with another half dozen crab cakes as a gift, so the initial payment turned out to be a dozen crab cakes.

"Everyone was amazed at how kind he is," the restaurant's owner John Minadakis said.  

When the server asked the table if anybody wanted gloves to keep their hands clean while picking the crab, Maclin declined because he wanted the full experience. He's a big fan of seafood, and his wife actually grew up in Baltimore so she's likely had plenty of crab cakes in her day. 

Something tells me Jimmy's Seafood probably has a new regular "customer" in its future.

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