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The Caw: Joe Flacco Doesn't Want You To Be A Party Pooper


It wasn't that long ago that Joe Flacco was cast as the student learning how to party.

Now, he's the teacher (albeit an extremely stiff one).

Flacco is in another Pepsi commercial this year, and this time he's saving Super Bowl "Party Poopers."

Check it out for yourself below:

What got Flacco uninvited from parties in the commercial was putting eye black on guests and doing a ventriloquist act. He shed the fakest tear after pondering those awful memories.

"But now, thanks to a perfect haircut and these amazing products, I'm an elite party guest," Flacco says in the spot. "You too can un-poop your party."

In real life, Flacco has basically uninvited himself from parties.

"I could care less about going out at night and going to parties and doing those things. I went to class, didn't say two words to anybody," Flacco said on “The Lounge” podcast in November.

"I'd go out after games and stuff like that and hang out. But I wouldn't do what you would expect that I would do. I would go there and sit and kind of hang out and do nothing."

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