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The Caw: Joe Flacco Reads His Superlative On Jimmy Fallon


Jimmy Fallon must not have seen Joe Flacco’s new Pepsi commercial about learning how to party.

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon always does its hilarious superlatives bit. This year, the show invited NFL stars to read their own superlatives, and it aired last night.

Flacco's was* *aptly voted, "Most Likely To Say, 'Let's Party!' Then Stare Directly At A Wall For Three Hours."

Here's the full segment (Flacco's part is 58 seconds in):

When Flacco walked out of the studio, he chuckled and said the superlative is actually kind of true.

I can totally imagine Flacco being the guy in the corner of a party, slowly sipping on a Bud Light and watching other people dance.

Then again, there was that time last year when Flacco envisioned himself doing a touchdown dance in Pittsburgh. Maybe he's got more moves than we all could ever imagine.

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