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The Caw: John Harbaugh Isn't Superstitious About His T-Shirt


Bonus points for those fashion-conscious Ravens fans who noticed that Head Coach John Harbaugh has altered his gameday outfit.

Harbaugh typically rocks a polo or pullover of some sort, but has gone more casual the past two weeks with a comfy looking T-shirt.

"Just a changeup – trying to be cool," Harbaugh explained last week. "A lot of these guys, the NFL coaches, they're on the sideline and wearing their cool stuff, and I felt like I wasn't cool enough with my golf shirt out there, so I wanted to freshen it up a little bit."

After the Ravens came back from 20 points down to beat the Browns, Harbaugh broke out the same T-shirt in Jacksonville and the Ravens won another dramatic comeback over the Jaguars.

And with that, the T-shirt gained mystique.

"The T-shirt took a beating yesterday," Harbaugh said. "It was hot, kind of rough, a lot of hugs happened out there, but [one of our equipment guys] said, 'We're saving this one.' So, it'll be laundered up and ready to go next week, I guess."

How long will Harbaugh ride the T-shirt magic? He was asked whether fans would see the T-shirt in December in New England if the Ravens keep winning.

"You will not. I don't like being cold," Harbaugh said with a laugh. "If that T-shirt can stretch and fit over a parka or something like that, then we might have a chance."

So Harbs isn't superstitious?

"I'm superstitious about not being superstitious," he joked. "I think it's really important to not be superstitious."

Harbaugh is an analytics guy. Analytics and superstition don't mix.

Anyway, long live the T-shirt … until it gets cold.

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