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The Caw: John Urschel Gets Tuned Out By J.J. Watt In Commercial


Sorry, John, but this is pretty much how we all feel when you start talking math.

Bose released a new commercial featuring Ravens guard John Urschel and Texans defensive end, and three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year, J.J. Watt. It's fantastic, and you should check it out for yourself above.

Urschel approaches Watt at a gym juice bar and realizes they have the same Bose QuietComfort headphones.

Being a mega math nerd and Ph.D. candidate at MIT (who got straight A’s in his first semester), Urschel proceeds to diagram (in detail) how they cancel out noise. Good thing Watt can tune him out.

So is this just show business, or does Urschel get this kind of reaction in real life?

"There wasn't much acting going on," Urschel said with a laugh.

Gotta give Urschel props. He's turning his smarts into salesmanship (and $$$).

Urschel already had a commercial with Gillette, and you don't see too many third-year guard/centers with a collective 13 starts under their belt starring in spots next to superstars such as Watt.

"Backup guard/centers. You can say that," Urschel said. "I'm embracing it. I used to shy away from it, but I'm embracing it head on."

You do you, John. Keep geeking out.

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