The Caw: John Urschel's Tiny Car Is Ridiculous


The Ravens players' parking lot is mostly full of flashy monster trucks and sports cars.

Then there's second-year guard/center and resident mathematics whiz John Urschel, who continues to break the mold.

Urschel's whip is a used 2013 Nissan Versa hatchback. On Monday, the 6-foot-3, 305-pounder tweeted a ridiculous picture of it in the parking lot next to his teammates' trucks.

Urschel bought the car for $9,000, and it's actually an upgrade from what he previously owned. During his rookie year, he drove an even smaller car, a Honda Fit. Its front bumper was held on by zip ties.

The numbers cruncher "treated himself" to the car because he's exceptionally frugal (he likes the gas mileage). Urschel does splurge on occassion. He recently bought his mom a house.

But Urschel says he's driving his "dream car."

"You know what the best feeling is?" he said. "You're driving into a parking deck, it's near full and you're on the first level and there is that spot everyone has passed because they said, 'No, we can't park in there.'

"I take my Versa and I just turn right in there, on the first level, parking lot full. Everybody else is parking in the upper deck where the car's getting hot. No, mine is on the first level. I'm not even taking the stairs."

No word on how Urschel actually gets out of the car when he squeezes it into a tight space. Asked how many offensive linemen Urschel can fit in there, he said, "it only needs to fit one."

Fellow second-year offensive lineman James Hurst ratted out his teammate and said Urschel often rides with him in his much larger truck.

"He's the ultimate ride moocher," Hurst said.

"Hurst is not a fan of the Versa," Urschel responded. "Why is it that every time he rides with me, he always wants to sit in the back?"

Yeah, I think I know why.

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