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The Caw: Justin Bethel Finds His Rhythm as a Jazz Drummer


Did you know the Ravens were getting an accomplished musician when they signed cornerback/special teams player Justin Bethel?

Bethel plays drums in a jazz band named "House of Bethel". It's a family affair, with his brother Dione on keyboards and his brother Gabriel on the trumpet. They have released a single called "The New Boss", along with a music video, and it’s excellent. The video tells the story of a man and woman out on a date, as the man tries to set the perfect mood to pop the question. Be sure to check out Justin's nearly minute-long drum solo at about the 3:55 mark.

House of Bethel's first album entitled "Origins" was released in 2017. Clearly, if the NFL hadn't worked out for Bethel, he had the talent to pursue a career in music. The Bethel brothers grew up in a musical household in South Carolina, playing in the church band. Their father, Carl Bethel, is an accomplished piano player who instilled a love for music in his sons.

Bethel's first drum set wasn't really a drum set. He'd grab pots and pans from underneath the sink and start banging.

"Growing up with everybody with some kind of music talent, we grew up playing together and enjoy playing together. Gabriel writes music. It's turned into this CD.

"I'm just excited to see where it goes," Bethel said during a 2017 interview. "We all have our own things going, but as a family, having something that kind of connects us all together, I'm excited to see where it goes."

Musical talent runs in Bethel's family. His cousin, Khristian Dentley, is a member of the Grammy award-winning group, Take 6.

While Justin was the star athlete in the family, Dione went into computer programming, while Gabriel earned a degree in jazz study and performance. However, music always reunites them.

You can follow House of Bethel on the group’s Facebook page.

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