The Caw: Recapping Lamar Jackson's Performance on 'Celebrity Family Feud'


Lamar Jackson is a down-to-earth guy, especially compared to the stereotype of an NFL quarterback.

So when it came to guessing what 100 random surveyed people would be thinking on "Celebrity Family Feud," the Ravens quarterback did pretty darn well. He also kinda got ripped off.

Jackson appeared on ABC's "Celebrity Family Feud" Sunday night alongside Steelers defensive end Cameron Heyward, Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas, Patriots cornerback Stephon Gilmore and Broncos outside linebacker Bradley Chubb.

They competed against the legends team, including some Pro Football Hall of Famers – Brian Urlacher, Tim Brown, Aeneas Williams, Jackie Slater and Kentucky legend Dermontti Dawson.

Jackson's first answer was to this question: what does a supermodel have that's thick?

"Purse," Jackson said.

Host Steve Harvey wisecracked in response, "This is how rich people answer questions."

Turns out, wallet was on the list, but that wasn't close enough to be counted as a purse. C'mon now.

Jackson was also on the wrong side of the judges' scoring during an exchange over the question of what you wouldn't want to see your grandfather wearing.

After nailing the No. 1 answer (thong) to win control of the board on the opening buzzer showdown, Jackson went on to also guess "bra." I see what you're thinking, Lamar. Got 'em with thong, hit 'em with another undergarment.

But, for some reason, "bra" fell under the previously-guessed umbrella of "granny's clothes." So Jackson tried again with "heels." Another solid guess, but again considered part of granny's clothes. That lead to this great exchange with Harvey.

I have a feeling "Granny got the whole wardrobe!" may turn into a running joke during training camp.

So my question is this: why are bras and heels part of granny's wardrobe, but not a thong?

OK, after I typed that I actually kinda get why. A thong is definitely not expected to be party of granny's typical wardrobe. And now I've given this far more thought than I wanted to.

Ultimately, the legends team prevailed and got the $25,000 for charity when Williams and Dawson showed out in the final round. You'll get 'em next time, Lamar.

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