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The Caw: Justin Tucker's Sweet Trick Golf Putt


Is there anything that Justin Tucker isn't good at?

The Ravens kicker has already shown off his acting skills, opera singing voice, ping-pong game and cornhole expertise (am I missing any others?).

Wednesday, he got a chance to display his golf game as Sky Sports' Vinny O'Connor challenged Tucker to a putting contest on the green in front of the Ravens' Under Armour Performance Center.

As O'Connor was having some technical difficulties beforehand, Tucker pulled off this nifty trick shot.

To be fair, O'Connor did defeat Tucker in the mini competition (which Tucker did not seem to particularly like). Hey, Sky Sports hails from the United Kingdom, so O'Connor probably knows his way around a putting green.

By the way, here's Tucker's second Carbiz commercial and Matthew McConaughey parody. Yeah, he's good in this too.

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