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The Caw: Justin Tucker Starting A New M&T Bank Stadium Tradition


It's a shame the Ravens don't have any more home games this season to watch this in action, but kicker Justin Tucker may be starting a new tradition at M&T Bank Stadium.

For a while, the Ravens' special teams players have run all the way into the end zone during kickoff touchbacks (of which there are many).

Sunday against the Steelers, Tucker started throwing in a new wrinkle.

He ran all the way through the end zone and began high-fiving fans in the first row of the stands as he ran back to the bench. He was joined by wide receiver Chris Matthews.

The fans looked to be loving it, but it wasn't clear whether it was a product of beating the Steelers or something that would continue.

"I think we might be onto something," Tucker said Wednesday. "It's a way to get the fans that much more into the game. Plus it's fun. So we might as well keep it going."

Head Coach John Harbaugh began giving out effort stickers midway through the season. As a kicker, Tucker generally doesn't get too many, and when he did, he put them on the inside of his locker door so others didn't see them.

After his high-five hustles, Tucker put the stickers on the outside.

"We made it a thing that we want to finish through the end zone," Tucker said. "Now we're going to finish through the end zone."

Now the question will be whether Tucker and the Ravens special teams unit continue the trend in 2016.

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