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The Caw: Little Patriots Kid Talks Smack To Steve Smith Sr.


Would you have the guts to troll Steve Smith Sr.?

This little Patriots fan did. 

After breaking a huddle with "Ravens!" the kid turned to Smith and said, "Go Patriots!" He repeated it, just to make sure Smith heard.

Even crazier, the king of trash talk stumbled for a comeback.

Maybe this little boy is so bold because he's a military kid. Smith was holding a free football camp for children at Fort Meade.

Watch for yourself:

Even though Smith had to swallow his words in the moment, he eventually had something to say when the video came out on Twitter.

Don't worry, Smith still got in plenty of clowning around with the kids (see video above). While he's rehabbing his Achilles, I don't think we need to worry about the return of his trash talk this season.

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