The Caw: M&T Bank Takes Fans Inside Joe Flacco's Home


If you think offseasons – or even nights at home – are relaxing for Joe Flacco, think again.

The Ravens quarterback gives fans a rare look inside the hubbub of his household in a new M&T Bank commercial, which first hit Baltimore-area TVs during Saturday's third preseason game.

Flacco and his wife Dana have four kids. The eldest, Stephen, turned 5 in June and the youngest (and only girl), Evelyn, was born last September. Daniel is 3 and Francis is 2.

"They're balls of energy," Flacco says while holding Evelyn in one hand and flipping pancakes with the other. "I don't think it's going to get any more calm around here. It's going to be busy, busy, busy."

Flacco loves football, but he makes it clear that it's not No. 1 in his life.

"Being an NFL quarterback is unbelievable. There's not much that compares to it," he says. "But being a dad takes the cake."

The ad promotes M&T Bank's mobile banking solutions, which require less time spent in their many Baltimore-area branches. The bank wants to reach young families on the move, like the Flaccos.

"Being with M&T really helps because the less time you spend banking, the more time I can spend with my kids, and that's really what's important," Flacco says.

"I'm all about being a dad. It's the coolest job in the world."

I'm all about that dad life too, but I feel obliged to say that Flacco better not be picking up those little rascals right now with his ailing back!

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