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The Caw: Marlon Humphrey's Dream Is to Play (and Sing) in the Super Bowl


Ravens first-round cornerback Marlon Humphrey doesn't just dream of playing in the Super Bowl. Oh no, his dream goes beyond that.

We asked the team's draft picks to tell us their dreams, and Humphrey had a unique answer.

"Playing in the Super Bowl, but before the Super Bowl, I sing the national anthem in my jersey and everything and then just play the game," Humphrey said.

The Ravens already have some talented singers on the roster, from opera-singing kicker Justin Tucker to soulful nose tackle Brandon Williams. So is Humphrey going to challenge them for the team's best voice?

"I could probably stop playing football and be a singer or a dancer and have a great career," Humphrey said with a grin.

Woah, let's not get carried away, Marlon.

The Humphrey family holds a sing-off at Christmas. Their 2016 competition was luckily recorded on video, giving us a sneak peek into Humphrey's skills.

Check it out for yourself. Marlon is in the red sweater (third from the right) and hits his first solo at one minute, 23 seconds.

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