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The Caw: Ravens Fans are NFL's Least Likely to Date Rival (Steelers) Fans


Just how loyal are Ravens fans?

So loyal that it runs deep into their love lives.

Ravens fans are the least likely in the NFL to date a fan of their rival (in this case, the Pittsburgh Steelers – of course). Ravens fans are also the league's most likely to choose celibacy for a year over dating a fan of their rivals.

This is according to a Fanatics survey of nearly 3,000 NFL fans, including more than 30 of each team (it's not a huge sample size, but whatever, it's still fun.)

Of the Ravens fans surveyed, 50 percent said they would absolutely not date a Steelers fan. No surprise there. I've seen couples come to M&T Bank Stadium with one partner wearing purple and the other in black and gold and it boggles my mind every time.

Ravens fans' distaste for dating rivals beat out Chicago Bears fans, of which 45.7 percent said they wouldn't date a Green Bay Packers cheese head. Ravens fans also don't like asking out New England Patriots fans, coming in* *fifth on the list at 42 percent saying "nah."

A fair share of Ravens fans also put their football beliefs ahead of political views. The Ravens ranked seventh on the Fanatics list as most likely to vote for an opposing political party than date a rival fan (20 percent said they would). Buffalo Bills fans topped that list at 29.4 percent.

The most dateable fans in the NFL are those supporting the Los Angeles Rams and the least datable are Patriots fans. Hey, the survey said it, not me.

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