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The Caw: Ravens Now Have Two Motorcycle-Riding Coordinators


If riding a motorcycle automatically makes you cool (of course it does), then the Ravens have two cool coordinators.

We all found out about Defensive Coordinator Dean Pees' motorcycle-riding hobby earlier this season in a video from our Ravens Productions crew.

Now that the Ravens have promoted Marty Mornhinweg, there's another play-calling biker in the building. How can we get Special Teams Coordinator Jerry Rosburg in on this?

Mornhinweg used to ride a Harley-Davidson during his days as the head coach of the Detroit Lions (2001-2002). And there's a good story to go along with it.

Mornhinweg was trying to change the losing culture in Detroit, and sent a message in 2001. One day, he got frustrated with players for "loafing" during a training camp practice, and threw down his sunglasses, kicked his players off the field, then hopped on his Harley and drove off.

On Thursday, Mornhinweg was asked if his wife, Lindsay, still lets him ride the bike.

"No. The motorcycle – it is not here. I got a little old for that," Mornhinweg said. "I'm done talking about that. I like to go fast, and that is not good."

As a guy who also rides, also likes to ride fast and also has a wife cracking down on such behavior, I feel for Marty. It's tough to give it up.

Pees still rides from time-to-time during the offseason to help him relax. He's also an excellent trained piano player, and said the two hobbies provide similar escapes for him but in different ways.

"With the bike, you're out on the road, you're looking at the views and all that stuff," Pees said. "You can go wherever you want to go."

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