The Caw: Ronnie Stanley Eats Steak, Not Crab Cakes


Anybody out there know how to kick a shellfish allergy?

Asking for a rookie.

Ravens first-round draft pick Ronnie Stanley doesn't eat crabs. I know, brutal.

It wasn't always this way. Stanley once got to taste the sweet, sweet morsels of shellfish. He says he's picked a crab before, but not for a while.

"I'm Polynesian, so shellfish has always been part of my culture," he said. "I used to eat all shellfish, but one day I just had a bad reaction. Now I can't eat shrimp without getting sick."

And crabs?

"I've had it and I don't get sick, and I've had it and I feel a little sick," he said.

You know what I like about this kid, though? He's willing to go for it anyway.

The day after being drafted, a fan asked him during a Twitter Q&A about the first thing he was going to do in Baltimore.

Just in case that doesn't work out, Ruth's Chris Steak House jumped on this opportunity and offered Stanley a 40-ounce tomahawk ribeye steak and dinner on the house.

And Stanley reacted exactly how I would.

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