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The Caw: Steve Smith Says Goodbye To Baltimore With Newspaper Ad


Steve Smith Sr. has returned to his permanent home in Charlotte, but not without giving a heartfelt goodbye to Baltimore.

The now retired wide receiver took out a large advertisement in The Baltimore Sun Friday morning to deliver a special message to Ravens fans.

After spending 13 years with the Carolina Panthers, Smith spent the final three seasons of his career with the Ravens. He lived in Baltimore while his family of wife, Angie, and four children, remained in North Carolina.

The message reads as such:

It's been such an honor to finish my NFL career here. I will forever be grateful for the way the Ravens Organization, my teammates, fans, but most of all community welcomed me to this great city. I've heard a lot this week how much everyone will miss me but I'll miss you all more!

When you play the bulk of your career in another city with another team you're not sure how a transition like this will go. And yet these last 3 years have been some of my best and this was the perfect place to end my career. I've made friendships that will last forever, been able to grow my Family's Foundation and mission into this city, and in a short amount of time the city felt like home.

Although it's not easy to say good-bye Baltimore will always be a place I call home and I plan to continue my support of the city. Thank you for the incredible support and welcome into your city, my family and I will cherish the memories we made here.

Ice Up Son!

Love- the Smith Family

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