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The Caw: Ted Cruz's Tepid Answer To Joe Flacco Elite Question


Does any Republican presidential hopeful know how to woo Ravens fans?

On Wednesday night, Donald Trump asked Marylanders if they loved Tom Brady. Now Texas Senator Ted Cruz gave this tepid answer to the "Is Joe Flacco elite?" question.

@PFTCommenter look at this loser, @tedcruz ... can't even answer if Joe Flacco is elite or not. — PJ I (@PJI5150) April 21, 2016

"You know what? I will let the fans answer that question and I will let the results answer that question," Cruz told WBAL-TV.

The results have spoken, Mr. Cruz. Just check out Joe Flacco's Super Bowl ring.

At least Trump came out on the right side of this question when answering back in September.

Alright, so what does Ohio Governor John Kasich have to say?

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