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The Caw: Terrell Suggs' Sack Dance Was Inspired by Pennywise


When Terrell Suggs sacked Marcus Mariota on the final play of the first half in Sunday's game in Tennessee, he busted out what I thought was some kinda boot kickin' country music dance.

I mean, we were in Nashville and all.


Breaking news: Suggs confirmed Tuesday that it was the Pennywise dance from the horror movie 'It.'

For those who haven't seen the movie (raises hand) and/or are too scared to see it (raises hand), Pennywise is the terrifying killer clown.

Suggs is a huge movie buff. He loves to play the villain. Yeah, this makes much more sense ...

Suggs has a team-leading 5.5 sacks through nine games this season, which puts him on pace for double digits at 35 years old. Please never stop, Sizz.

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