The Caw: 'The Voice' Semifinalist Davon Fleming to Sing National Anthem


After finishing as a semifinalist on "The Voice," Davon Fleming got back from Hollywood a week ago.

You'd think an invitation to sing at the Ravens' regular-season finale Sunday at M&T Bank Stadium would pale in comparison to having millions of people around the world watching you perform.


"I can't waiiiiiit!" Fleming sang into the phone.

"Listen, I've never been to a Ravens game, but I'm the hugest fan ever. Purple everything. I've never been to a game, so this is an honor. To actually sing at the game – wow!"

Yeah, he's pumped.

Fleming, 25, grew up in the underfunded Park Heights community in Baltimore. He was homeless for chunks of time and struggled with depression and insecurity, but he always had singing to lean on.

He started signing at 3 years old, following in the footsteps of his mother, and was doing it professionally at age 7. He's been a gem in Bethel Temple Church in Baltimore for years.

Fleming graduated from Northwestern Senior High School and has devoted much of his time to giving back. He has volunteered with a program helping troubled teens, overseeing the arts program and writing plays for the kids to perform during summer break.

"Really, it's a story of a fat kid who loved to sing and went to fight for my dreams," he said. "I definitely want to give back to schools and continue to be an inspiration to kids just like me."

While his celebrity status grew as a member of Jennifer Hudson's team on "The Voice," Fleming always repped Charm City. He devoted his performance of Beyonce's "Love on Top" to Baltimore.

Now back in his home town, he has accepted a job to work for the city in youth outreach, despite offers to be in movies and on Broadway.

"I wanted people to see what real support looks like from somebody that's proud of Baltimore," he said. "I grew up in the hood, but I want to let kids know that you don't have to be a product of your environment."

When Fleming came back from Hollywood, Mayor Catherine Pugh was waiting with a full parade and keys to the city. Now the Ravens will roll out the red carpet for the local celebrity.

"It's been a fairytale. If there was a male Cinderella, that would be me," Fleming said. "There's nothing like coming home and being appreciated at home by the same people you grew up around. Baltimore has been a major support."

Here are some of Fleming's performances on "The Voice" to whet your appetite:

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