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The Caw: Tony Jefferson's Kid Loves Joe Flacco ... And Tom Brady?!


The most improved stock from the NFL Scouting Combine may be that of Tony Jefferson's kid.

If you didn't see Tony Jefferson III, a.k.a. Tres, dominate in the NFL Network's "Baby Combine" last night on NFL Network, you've got to check it out above.

But the behind-the-scenes video from Jefferson himself was perhaps even more priceless.

Stink, as his father calls him, is a big fan of Joe Flacco.

" I like uncle Weddle , tony Jefferson , uncle Weddle & joe Flacco " @nflnetwork — Tony Jefferson (@_tonyjefferson) March 5, 2018

Only problem is Stink gave the wrong answer when daddy asked who's better between Flacco and Tom Brady.

Stink has some work to do in his own quarterbacking ...

… and kicking …

... but the kid has a little bit of his dad and Ed Reed rolled into one as a natural-born safety!

While Stink gave Flacco props, Jefferson threw some shade in his quarterback's direction last week when he said he wouldn't follow Flacco on Instagram. Daaaaaaang.

That's OK though, because Jefferson got absolutely trolled when he signed Stink up for the "Baby Combine."

In case you didn't know, Jefferson didn't get drafted. Burn.

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