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The Caw: Which Raven Would You Vote To Be President?


We know a lot of you out there don't really like either of the two major party candidates to vote for this Election Day.

With that in mind, we're introducing the Purple Party.

If you could vote one Ravens player to be President of the United States of America, who would it be?

Here are some answers from the locker room:

Head Coach John Harbaugh Vote:TE Benjamin Watson* *"He knows a lot."

QB Joe Flacco
Vote: Himself … then LS Morgan Cox
"I would pick myself, but there's no way I would ever want to do it. I would trust myself, but I would never want to be President. There's a lot that goes into that. Would you want to be President? You have to have a look-at-me type of personality. If you don't have that, there's no way you would ever run or enjoy any part of it. It would be tough to deal with all the crap that you deal with on a daily basis."

Q: Isn't that similar to the job of an NFL quarterback?

"I didn't run to be a quarterback. I'm just good at it."

"I might say Jeremy, but I wouldn't agree with his views, so I wouldn't vote for him. Possibly Morgan. I think he's like me; I don't think he'd want to do it, but I think Morgan would be a good candidate."

TE Dennis Pitta
Vote: Himself … then Cox
"I would vote myself. I'm always the smartest guy in the room [laughs]. You also have to be kind of crazy to want to be president." !

LS Morgan Cox
Vote: Watson
"He understands everyone, listens to everyone. He has good ethics and virtue and would hold the office well. He would make good decisions, he's good in front of people."

C Jeremy Zuttah
Vote: OG John Urschel
"He'd probably come up with some equation to get the economy back on track. He's definitely the smartest dude in the room."

DT Timmy Jernigan
Vote: S Eric Weddle
"He's definitely a guy that always seems to make the right choice. Let's say we're traveling one week and coach gives him the option to decide whether the team was going to wear slacks and a tie or whether we're going to wear our sweat suits, Eric is going to be the one picking the slacks and tie."

S Eric Weddle
Vote: Himself
"I feel like I can interact and connect with anyone. I'm open. I don't judge. I'm loyal, you can trust me. So that's always a good start."

LT Ronnie Stanley
Vote: Weddle or Watson
"You have to be well-cultured. You have to know how different cultures interact."

OLB Albert McClellan
Vote: OLB Elvis Dumervil
"We have a lot of debates in there about this type of stuff. I'm electing Dumervil. He likes to debate everything. He's got a good head on his shoulders. He's just one of those guys that starts those types of arguments."

DT Brandon Williams
Vote: Watson
"Ben Watson, for sure. He's a stand-up guy, he's got a great stature about himself. He knows what he's talking about. You can know that he's going to do what's best for everybody."

ILB Zachary Orr
Vote: Dumervil
"He seems to have a lot of knowledge about a whole bunch of stuff. He has all the sense."

P Sam Koch
Vote: Cox
"He just kind of looks like a president. He's got a very good beard. It's red, so he'll stand out."

K Justin Tucker
Vote: Himself … then changed to Watson
"I'd like to think I've got my heart in the right place. I like to think I'd be cool under pressure. When faced with a nuclear apocalypse situation, I'd like to think I'd make good, clear decisions."

"I'm going to change my vote from myself to Ben Watson. I'll make Elvis the vice president. I'll be in their cabinet. I'll be like the Secretary of State, but I wouldn't use a private email server."

And here's the voice of the fans …

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