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The Caw: Which Ravens Pro Bowler Will Be Best At Dodgeball?


Looking to add more fan entertainment to an otherwise boring Pro Bowl event, the NFL has added a skills competition to the week's events.

There will be a best hands challenge, precision passing, a relay challenge and … get a load of this … dodgeball. Yes, dodgeball!

This may be better than the game itself.

Because this is the most important topic during Steelers week (sarcasm), I went to the locker room to find out who the strongest dodgeball player is between the Ravens Pro Bowlers: fullback Kyle Juszczyk, kicker Justin Tucker, linebacker C.J. Mosley and guard Marshal Yanda.

"There's no question," Juszczyk said. "If I'm not in Houston [for the Super Bowl] and do go to Orlando, I will most definitely be the best dodgeball player there. No question."

Not surprisingly, Tucker has a different take. First of all, the second-time Pro Bowler had not heard of the upcoming dodgeball game.

"Really? That's exciting," he said with the joy of an elementary school kid at recess.

"I think Marshal is going to have to be in that first wave of guys that is out just because he's a larger target. I'd say both C.J. and Kyle are incredible athletes, obviously. Otherwise, they wouldn't be selected to the Pro Bowl. So it would be a toss-up between those two guys for who would be the second-best dodgeball player from the Ravens contingent of Pro Bowlers."

Informed of Tucker's choice (himself), Juszczyk vehemently disagreed.

"Have you seen him throw? He's terrible," said the fullback with 33 catches for 255 yards. "Maybe if we played kickball."

Not only does Juszczyk have good hands on his side, but he also has some recent experience. He said he went to a trampoline park a couple years ago for a friend's birthday party, and they had a trampoline dodgeball court.

"I played with a bunch of little kids and was taking them out," Juszczyk bragged. "Couple head shots."

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