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10 Questions: How Fast Will Ravens Catch up to Todd Monken's System?

QB Lamar Jackson
QB Lamar Jackson

New Offensive Coordinator Todd Monken has been focused on teaching his system, while the players have been focused on learning it.

With training camp set to begin on July 26, here's where things stand as the intrigue builds surrounding Baltimore's new offense:

The players are enjoying Monken's approach.

Monken has been demonstrative and vocal at practices and All-Pro tight end Mark Andrews said players are responding positively to that style.

"He's super enthusiastic about what he's teaching," Andrews said. "He really believes in his stuff, and it makes us believe in it, too. His offense is definitely very player friendly, [and] he's very player friendly. I'm just excited to get around him, pick his brain and continue to grow as a player [and] as an offense and get this thing rolling."

Many of the Ravens' starters are unlikely to play much during the preseason, so practice reps during training camp will be an important part of building continuity. If the players feel totally comfortable in the new offense by Week 1, it will improve Baltimore's chances to have early-season success. Imagine an offense featuring weapons such as Lamar Jackson, Odell Beckham Jr., Andrews, J.K. Dobbins, Rashod Bateman, Zay Flowers in a system that creates space and opportunities for them to make plays.

"I think it's going to be a dangerous offense," Andrews said. "I've really loved what Coach Monken has had to teach and the way he's teaching.

Lamar Jackson loves holding the keys to the attack.

The Ravens' franchise quarterback will shoulder a heavy responsibility, given the pre-snap freedom to change plays and adjust routes once he surveys the defense. Players will need to be on the same page to avoid miscommunication and pre-snap penalties. But Jackson said he's enjoying the process of learning the new verbiage in Monken's system and thinks the offense will be extremely versatile.

"The new offense is smooth," Jackson said. "I'm loving it so far. Coach is basically just giving us the keys to the offense.

"You can change whenever you want to. You see the defense and it's not looking right to you, you see a guy blitzing, [or] you might want your receiver to do something different. Coach is giving you the freedom to do whatever you want to."

Expect a faster offensive tempo.

Monken and Head Coach John Harbaugh have raised the possibility of using more no-huddle this season and getting out of the huddle more quickly to give Jackson time to audible if he chooses. The Ravens won't reveal most of what they are planning during the preseason, but once the regular season starts, look for their offensive tempo to be fast, something they will continue to stress during camp.

"Different kinds of tempos, huddle, no-huddle, real fast, controlled tempo, call plays at the line, don't call plays at the line … these are all things that you talk about [and] things that he brings to the table that he's really very versatile with," Harbaugh said. "That's going to be very valuable for us."

Right guard Kevin Zeitler got his first up-close look at the offense during mandatory minicamp and is intrigued by the possibilities.

"It's going to be pretty fast," Zeitler said. "We're going to attack, and attack and attack. We'll see if it works out."

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