Articles - January 2019

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2019-01-01 Late for Work 1/1: Ravens’ Chances of Reaching, and Winning, Super Bowl LIII
2019-01-01 Why John Harbaugh Feels This Is the Best TEAM He’s Coached
2019-01-01 Five Reasons Why Ravens Can Make a Deep Playoff Run
2019-01-02 Justin Tucker Wins AFC Special Teams Player of the Week Award for Franchise-Record Ninth Time
2019-01-02 Late for Work 1/2: Believe That. Lamar Jackson Has Converted Critics to Believers
2019-01-02 News & Notes 1/2: Ravens Recommend Wink Martindale for a Head Coaching Job 
2019-01-02 Youngest QB to Ever Win a Playoff Game Is Michael Vick. Lamar Jackson Will Try to Top Him
2019-01-02 The Caw: Orlando Brown Jr. Got a Mini Bike at a Ravens White Elephant Party
2019-01-02 Does Seeing Ravens’ Offense Again Give Chargers a Better Chance to Stop It?
2019-01-02 Transcripts: Ravens Wednesday Transcripts
2019-01-03 Who’s Practicing, Who’s Not vs. Chargers Wild-Card Playoff
2019-01-03 Lamar Jackson Wins AFC Offensive Rookie of the Month for December
2019-01-03 Late for Work 1/3: John Harbaugh Ranked as NFL’s Fourth-Best Coach. Will He Finally Get a Coach of the Year Vote?
2019-01-03 Transcripts: Ravens Thursday Transcripts
2019-01-03 Can Eric Weddle and the Ravens Defense Stop Philip Rivers Again?
2019-01-03 News & Notes 1/3: Ravens Focus on Improving Red-Zone Efficiency
2019-01-03 These Are the Unsung Heroes of the Ravens’ Running Attack
2019-01-03 Ed Reed Named a Finalist for Pro Football Hall of Fame
2019-01-04 Late for Work 1/4: Predictions for Ravens-Chargers Are Nearly Split
2019-01-04 Pundit Picks: Ravens vs. Chargers
2019-01-04 Numbers That Matter: Ravens vs. Chargers
2019-01-04 Justin Tucker Makes First-Team All-Pro After Pro Bowl Snub
2019-01-04 Ed Reed, American Authors Part of Ravens’ Wild Card Game Entertainment
2019-01-04 Who’s Playing, Who’s Not vs. Chargers
2019-01-05 SociaLight: Donovan Mitchell, Michael Phelps and More Celebs Rocking with the Ravens Playoff Push
2019-01-05 Eisenberg: What Matters, And What Doesn’t, in Ravens vs. Chargers Wild-Card Game 
2019-01-05 Everything You Need to Know, Ravens vs. Chargers
2019-01-06 CB Tavon Young Inactive for Ravens; WR/KR Chris Moore is Active
2019-01-06 Transcript: Chargers Post-Game Quotes
2019-01-06 Terrell Suggs Is Not Retiring, Hopes to Still Play in Baltimore
2019-01-06 NFL Explains Ruling on Marlon Humphrey Touchdown That Wasn’t 
2019-01-06 John Harbaugh Has ‘Every Expectation and Every Plan to be Here’
2019-01-07 Eisenberg Breakdown: Five Thoughts on Ravens’ Wild-Card Playoff Loss
2019-01-07 John Harbaugh Expects to See Joe Flacco in Another Uniform Next Season
2019-01-07 For Resilient Ravens, a 20-Point Deficit Proved Too Much to Overcome
2019-01-07 Lamar Jackson Struggles in First Playoff Start, But Is Clearly Ravens’ Future
2019-01-07 John Harbaugh Considered Going to Joe Flacco, Explains Sticking With Lamar Jackson
2019-01-07 Transcripts: Ravens Monday Locker Room Transcripts
2019-01-07 Late for Work 1/7: Ravens ‘Ride or Die’ With Lamar Jackson; Takeaways From Season-Ending Loss
2019-01-07 Eric Weddle Wants to Keep Playing, But Only if the Ravens Want Him Back
2019-01-07 Robert Griffin III Would Love Returning to Ravens, But Will Explore Starter Opportunities
2019-01-07 What the Chargers Said After Their Playoff Win in Baltimore
2019-01-07 John Brown Says He Loves Playing for Ravens and Would Welcome a Return
2019-01-08 Late for Work 1/8: Ravens, John Harbaugh ‘Finalizing’ Long-Term Deal
2019-01-08 Ravens’ Top-Ranked Defense Could Undergo Big Changes This Offseason
2019-01-08 Eisenberg: Why the 2018 Season Was One of Ravens’ Best Ever
2019-01-08 Ravens Hold Pick No. 22 in 2019 Draft. Here's the History of That Pick
2019-01-09 Late for Work 1/9: Biggest Needs for the Ravens This Offseason
2019-01-09 Ravens Have Emerging Young Defenders Determined to Keep Defense No. 1
2019-01-10 Late for Work 1/10: Gary Kubiak Is Coaching Again. Will Joe Flacco Join Him in Denver?
2019-01-10 After Loud Entrance, Ravens Rookies Determined to Make More Noise in 2019
2019-01-10 Eric DeCosta Officially Starting as Ravens' General Manager
2019-01-10 Five Reasons Why Lamar Jackson Can Be ‘10 Times Better’ Next Year
2019-01-10 Eric DeCosta Signs Contract to Begin Tenure as Ravens General Manager
2019-01-11 Late for Work 1/11: A New Era Has Begun, But Let’s Appreciate Ozzie Newsome First
2019-01-11 Greg Roman Promoted to Offensive Coordinator
2019-01-11 Around the AFC North: Steelers President Is Open to Trading Antonio Brown 
2019-01-11 Biggest Questions Facing Eric DeCosta This Offseason
2019-01-11 Press Release: Ravens Coaching Announcements
2019-01-11 Eisenberg: Greg Roman’s Promotion Stirs a Few Reactions 
2019-01-12 Eisenberg: Joe Flacco Should Have Departed to Trumpets Blaring
2019-01-13 SociaLight: The Offseason Begins for Ravens Players
2019-01-14 Late for Work 1/14: Reaction to Greg Roman’s Promotion; Takeaways From Patriots Crushing Chargers
2019-01-14 Important NFL Dates to Know in 2019
2019-01-15 Late for Work 1/15: Would Ravens Really Draft Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray?
2019-01-15 Ravens DT Brandon Williams Named to Pro Bowl for First Time
2019-01-16 Late for Work 1/16: Greatest Needs, More Salary Cap Space, C.J. Mosley Update, Dream Free Agent Additions and More
2019-01-16 2019 Mock Draft Monitor 1.0
2019-01-17 Late for Work 1/17: Ravens’ Free Agents Don’t Rank as High as You May Expect
2019-01-17 Five Things to Know About New Offensive Coordinator Greg Roman
2019-01-18 Late for Work 1/18: How Cam Newton Mentored Lamar Jackson
2019-01-18 Ravens RB Coach Thomas Hammock Accepts Job as Northern Illinois Head Coach
2019-01-18 Wink Martindale Staying Can Help Ravens Defense Stay on Top
2019-01-18 What This Year’s Conference Title Games Teach Us About Offense
2019-01-19 SociaLight: Ravens Players Join in on Viral 10-Year Challenge 
2019-01-19 Eisenberg: The Ravens’ Unconventional Formula Can Work 
2019-01-19 Reports: Head Coach John Harbaugh Agrees to Contract Extension
2019-01-21 Late for Work 1/21: Ravens, Media React to Insane Championship Games
2019-01-21 Five Super Bowl Thoughts From a Ravens Perspective
2019-01-22 Late for Work 1/22: Predicting Who Will Stay and Who Will Go
2019-01-22 Five Top Prospects Ravens Will Watch at the 2019 Senior Bowl
2019-01-22 Wide Receivers You Should Know at 2019 Senior Bowl
2019-01-23 Late for Work 1/23: 2018 Re-Draft Has Lamar Jackson Going Much Higher
2019-01-23 Eric Weddle Meets His Idol, Emmitt Smith, at Pro Bowl
2019-01-23 Edge Defenders You Should Know at 2019 Senior Bowl
2019-01-23 Eric Weddle Changes His Tune, Leaves Door Open to Playing Elsewhere in 2019
2019-01-24 Late for Work 1/24: Ravens Rookies Aren’t Getting Many Awards, and Mark Andrews Is Miffed 
2019-01-24 Jalen Ramsey Bashes a Lot of Quarterbacks, But He Really Likes Lamar Jackson
2019-01-24 Meet the Prospect Who Broke Terrell Suggs’ Sack Record and Could (Try to) Replace Him
2019-01-24 Defensive Backs You Should Know at 2019 Senior Bowl
2019-01-24 Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh Signs a New Four-Year Contract
2019-01-24 Eisenberg: Keeping John Harbaugh Might Be the Easiest Call of the Offseason
2019-01-25 Late for Work 1/25: Ravens Make a Statement With John Harbaugh’s New Contract
2019-01-25 Transcript: John Harbaugh Season Review Press Conference Transcript
2019-01-25 John Harbaugh Explains His Coaching Staff Changes
2019-01-25 Ravens Won’t Let Playoff Loss Spoil Vision of a Dynamic Offense Led by Lamar Jackson
2019-01-27 SociaLight: No One is Having More Fun at the Pro Bowl Than Brandon Williams
2019-01-28 Brandon Williams, Ravens Defenders Stand Out in AFC’s Dominant Pro Bowl
2019-01-28 Late for Work 1/28: The Most Pivotal Ravens for 2019 and Beyond
2019-01-28 Around the AFC North: Maybe Antonio Brown Isn’t Leaving the Steelers After All
2019-01-28 Lamar Jackson’s Top College Receiver Would Relish an NFL Reunion
2019-01-28 Two Top Senior Bowl Prospects Talk Ravens, See a Great Fit
2019-01-29 Late for Work 1/29: So What Really Is Joe Flacco’s Trade Value?
2019-01-29 Ravens Hire Veteran Coach David Culley to Work With Passing Game, Wide Receivers 
2019-01-29 Ravens Using Offseason to Rebuild Their Offense From the Ground Up
2019-01-30 Late for Work 1/30: With More Money, Could Eric DeCosta Be Aggressive in Free Agency?
2019-01-30 Transcript: Eric DeCosta Press Conference Transcript
2019-01-30 Eric DeCosta Expects to Re-Sign C.J. Mosley, Emphasizes Mission to Keep Young Talent
2019-01-30 Eric DeCosta Believes Joe Flacco Has Trade Value in a League That Covets QBs
2019-01-30 John Harbaugh Is the Only Head Coach Eric DeCosta Wants to Work With
2019-01-30 Eric DeCosta’s Take on Za’Darius Smith and Other Ravens Vets
2019-01-30 Eric DeCosta’s Rise to General Manager Is a Story for Patient Dreamers
2019-01-31 Late for Work 1/31: Here’s the Framework for a Joe Flacco Trade
2019-01-31 Ozzie Newsome’s Role Isn’t Yet Defined, Could Take a Page From ‘The Godfather’
2019-01-31 Building Around Lamar Jackson Gives Eric DeCosta a Fun Challenge