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Funny Pages: Feastivus Maximus


Happy Thanksgiving, Ravens fans! 

I just want to say that we have so much to be thankful for this year. Do you guys remember last Thanksgiving? I do. The Ravens were 3-7, we had a billion injuries, and most fans were already focused on the draft and living life outside of football (gross). Now we're sitting here, in first place of the AFC North, and we were one Jimmy Smith away from shutting down the NFL's best team on the road. Our offense has turned a corner, our defense is as scary as it's ever been, and the rest of our division is falling apart.  

Here are some things I'm thankful for:

The 2016 Draft Class:Did we strike gold, or what? Rookies are supposed to have a "learning curve," just don't tell that to Ronnie Stanley, Alex Lewis, Tavon Young, Matt Judon, Kenneth Dixon, and Michael Pierce. We'd be in serious trouble without this group.

The Ws: Specifically Weddle and Wallace. The impact that they've had on both sides of the ball can't be quantified. We were very fortunate to add two excellent leaders to our roster this offseason. I can't imagine where we'd be if our third W (Watson) was able to play. Undefeated? Sure ... why not?

Potatoes Au Gratin: They're freaking delicious. 

Joe Flacco's Quiet Passion:I've watched a lot of football (too much), and I've noticed that those fiery quarterbacks who run around slapping helmets and taunting defenses are nice for the cameras ... but they're not nice for winning championships. I want defensive players with intensity, not signal callers. Quarterbacks who get "too high" also get "too low." Joe doesn't get rattled because Joe doesn't use his emotions to play the game. When I fly, I want my pilot to be quiet and calculated ... not Maverick from Top Gun. Sure, he can pull off some dazzling maneuvers, but if it wasn't for his recklessness, Goose would've made it to Top Gun 2 (the movie that I thought I made up, but still has an IMDB page).  

Wait, wait, wait ... what's that sound? Could it be? It is! It's a meme parade!! This is my favorite part of Thanksgiving. Let's all gather 'round and watch the big GIFs roll on by: !

( / Yahoo Sports) !

(Paramount Pictures / Addams Family Values) !

( / !

(Universal Studios / Funny People) !

( / Haribo) !

(New Line Cinema / The Notebook)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

  • Ben
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