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Funny Pages: It's 2016. Anything Is Possible


Wake up, Ravens Flock!

After an absolutely necessary break in the action, we've got the biggest game of the year sitting at our doorstep. IT'S FREAKING STEELERS WEEK, PEOPLE. Somehow, every Steelers week carries enormous stakes for both teams. I'm not sure why that is such a fundamental part of the universe, but it is. This time, beating Pittsburgh at M&T Bank Stadium will put us in first place of the AFC North. Do you feel the excitement building?

Ben Roethlisberger will probably shake off his injury to play us, which is fine by me. I'm not scared at all. Ask yourself this question, "Big Ben," how do you beat a team that only beats itself? Answer: if a team only aspires to lose, you make them lose at losing. Hence, the Steelers will once again attempt to out-lose the Ravens. Remember all those missed field goals in Pittsburgh? All part of their plan.

It's science! !

(Paramount / Hot Rod) !

(IFC / Portlandia)


(New Line Cinema / Boiler Room)



(Citytv / Community)

In case you missed it (how on earth could that be possible), the Chicago Cubs have won their first World Series in 108 years. While it's certainly exciting for the city of Chicago, it's also pretty exciting for us. Nobody seems to think we can salvage our season, but 2016 has been a year that has defied logic. Anything is possible. Look at how crazy this year has been:

  • First, Cleveland wins a championship
  • Then the UK leaves the EU 
  • Then the Cubs win a championship
  • And now, in less than a week, the US will hold an election where everyone loses 

What are the odds that the Ravens can make an improbable Super Bowl run this year? I dunno... what were the odds that Vine wouldn't live to see 2017?






(Twitter / @Earthcam)

Have a great week, friends! BEAT THE STEELERS!

  • Ben
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