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Funny Pages: Let's Put Some Coal In Pittsburgh's Stocking


O Come All Ye Faithful

On paper, this isn't the most, um, favorable Ravens vs. Steelers game in franchise history. The Steelers are on a major hot streak. Meanwhile, we're missing most of our starters, we've lost the last two games by about 600 points, and we're not even sure who our starting quarterback is. Still, don't let a little thing like logic get in the way. Was it logical for us to lose every player on our roster? Was it logical for us to be within one score of our first 11 games? Was it logical for us to beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh earlier this year? 

Answer: No. Kinda. Maybe?

Forget what your brain is telling you and listen to your heart. Mine's filled with cheese, but I'm pretty sure it says we'll beat the Steelers and put their playoff dreams on the chopping block. !



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It's Time To Make Our Man Of The Year, The Man Of The Year

Steve Smith Sr. may not be competing in this week's game, but he's still battling to become the Walter Payton Man Of The Year. The best part is: YOU CAN HELP. All you have to do is use the hashtag #SmithWPMOYChallenge when posting on social media.

Here are two GIFs to help get you started! !




Win, Actually

This is our last home game until September, so don't hold anything back. Let's flood the stadium with purple, get stupid loud, and drop some coal in Pittsburgh's stocking. !

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See you next week!

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