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Funny Pages: My Stocking Is Full Of Antacids


HO HO HOld on to your butts, because Sunday is going to be intense.

Over the years, we've had some glorious battles with the Pittsburgh Steelers. We've fought for playoff spots, division titles, and trips to the Super Bowl. There's no doubt that Christmas day will add another impressive feather in the cap of the best rivalry in football. I understand that I'm completely biased here, but I believe that this rivalry is more compelling than most Super Bowl matchups. I'd rather watch these two teams, who absolutely despise each other, slug it out for sixty minutes, instead of watching two teams, who barely know each other, fight for supremacy.

Just think about how incredible, and horrible, and amazing, and nerve-racking it would be if the Ravens and Steelers could somehow play each other in a Super Bowl. What a beautiful disaster that would be.

I just love how much I hate Pittsburgh... it's a really poetic feeling. On the one hand, we have such a pure bitterness for the Steelers, yet if they turned into a losing franchise, we'd feel empty. Sure, temporarily it would be hilarious... but after a few years of success, we would miss the momentousness of our games. Nothing has ever been – or will ever be – quite like Ravens vs. Steelers.

Before the game starts, take a few minutes to appreciate what we have here. We're playing in the best rivalry in football, with the division on the line, on the road, on Christmas day. It's the perfect gift.

But that's not all Santa brought! It looks like there's a few GIFs under the tree! 

Go on, kids ... have at 'em! !

(Universal Pictures / Love Actually) !

(Twentieth Century FOX / Home Alone) !

(Warner Bros. / How The Grinch Stole Christmas) !

(MGM / A Christmas Story) !

(Twentieth Century FOX / Jingle All The Way) !

Merry Christmas, everyone! See you next week.

  • Ben
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