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SociaLight: Watch Lamar Jackson's Heart-Warming Moment With Young Fan

QB Lamar Jackson

Fresh off the plane after arriving in New Orleans Sunday afternoon, Lamar Jackson made super fan Landon's day. 

Dad, Jason, had reached out the Ravens public relations department sharing Landon's admiration for the Ravens quarterback and that his son suffers from a heart condition. When the team arrived to their hotel, Landon and his family were able to meet Lamar and his reaction speaks for itself.

Jackson also took time to throw some passes with Landon and signed jerseys for the family. Jason, a Saints fan (but we won't hold that against him) shared the following to Facebook: 

"Huge shout out to the Baltimore Ravens and Lamar Jackson for making Landon's dream come true today. It all started over a year ago when Landon said dad you know my favorite team is the Baltimore Ravens. And I said, oh really why is that? He said "because Lamar Jackson is a beast." All he ever talked about is how much he would love to meet him. So I started thinking how can I make this happen? I looked at the schedules and noticed that Baltimore plays the Saints in New Orleans November 7. Monday night football. So I started emailing the Ravens, the Saints anybody I could think of that could help make this happen. I was talking to a good friend of mine at work about it and he said I'll shoot some emails for you. So we sent many emails and finally the day came when they responded back to Jason Daniel. He called me and I thought I was gonna pass out when he read the email to me. My heart melted because I knew I was going to be able to fulfill my sons dream. Many emails went back-and-forth between myself, Jason Daniel, and the Baltimore Ravens setting everything up. Well, today was the day and I'll never forget it. What an unbelievable experience for Landon (one we know he will NEVER forget). Here are some of the videos and pics. I'm still a Saints fan but I'm also a Baltimore Ravens Lamar Jackson fan and that'll never change."

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