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Roquan Smith Has Brought Connect 4 Battles to Ravens

ILB Roquan Smith
ILB Roquan Smith

Connect 4 is taking over the Ravens locker room and it all started at a back-to-school event with Roquan Smith.

Smith's aunt, Shaquwanda Baker, who assists with his community efforts, mentioned to the Ravens Community Relations team that Smith was a Connect 4 fiend and they made sure to supply it at his next event.

There isn't much that rattles the All-Pro Linebacker, but losing to a young student in his game of choice certainly did.

The game has now made its way to the Under Armour Performance Center cafeteria, where Del'Shawn Phillips and Marcus Williams have also laid claim to the title of Connect 4 King. Kyle Hamilton not so much…

When asked who he thinks will win the tournament, Smith said, "I would probably say, if we're going off of the last couple of games, I've been pretty good but the guy who was getting me early on especially was Del'Shawn. He's probably like one of the best ones. I would say myself, Del'Shawn, Marcus and Charlie Kolar. Charlie Kolar is pretty good as well."

As the week goes on, as depicted in Wired, Phillips and Smith have a rematch. There is something to be said for delivering when the cameras are on and despite 3 previous losses to Phillips, when it counted, Smith pulled out the win. Will he earn the title of ultimate Connect 4 champion? Time will tell.

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