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SociaLight: As College Football Season Kicks Off, Ravens Rep Their Schools 


Welcome back to SociaLight! Every Saturday morning, we'll catch you up on what Ravens players (or fans) are doing and saying on social media.

This weekend marked the end of the NFL preseason, but there's a new season in the air. Yes, next week kicks off the NFL regular season, but first comes the return of college football.

You would be hard-pressed to find more avid college football fans than many Ravens players, who take representing and cheering for their alma maters very seriously. Players often organize photos after games with former teammates or fellow alums of big-time programs.

And, they certainly cheer for their college teams on gameday.

But the best is when college games lead to some good-natured trash talking between current teammates.

Ed Reed recently returned to his alma mater and showed off some behind-the-scenes photos of the Hurricanes' facility.

Home Sweet Home! #305 #Hurricanes #Champions ✋🏿🤚🏿✊🏿

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The trip back to his college digs must have had Ed in a sentimental mood, as he posted this gem of a throwback.

Throwback Thursday

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Teammates can also be good for important life lessons and advice, as Eric Weddle shared with Marlon Humphrey on Twitter.

On or off the field, teammates always have each other's backs.

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