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SociaLight: Choose Your Ravens Quarantine House


Passing the time at home during social distancing with your loved ones, family or friends? What if you could quarantine with your favorite Ravens?

We posed that hypothetical on social media this week, which led to some lively discussions. Take a gander through the comments for fun debate from the squad.

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Choose your 🏠!

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House One your choice? Ray Lewis would certainly keep you motivated at home! Hollywood could teach you a thing or two in Madden. Not to mention making TikToks with Marlon …

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Don't sleep on House Two!

According to Justin Tucker, it's the party house.

House 3 was definitely a popular choice. Steve Smith Sr. and the GOAT? That's hard to top.

Shockingly [sarcasm intended], every player thinks their own house would be the best.

The outdoors your thing? If Brandon and Marshal have their say, House Four will be on the farm.

So, which house would you choose?

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