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SociaLight: Coach Harbaugh Surprises Military Veteran in New Mexico


Coach Harbaugh headed out to Arizona this week for the NFL's Annual League meetings.

On the way, he and his dad took in a Duke City Gladiators indoor football league game and ran in to an old friend.

While in Albuquerque, Coach Harbaugh did something really special. Meet Eric Wellman, a military veteran and Ravens fan.

Wellman was supposed to attend a meet and greet with Coach while he was passing through town. Unfortunately, he didn't make it. When Harbaugh heard his story, he more than made up for it.

Eric wrote:

"So something amazing happened to me last weekend. Friday I was supposed to be at a dinner/meet and greet with the @ravens head coach #johnharbaugh. Due to certain circumstances I was unable to go and crushed by it.

I receive a FaceTime from @shakirabelike and shortly after, coach takes the phone, starts talking to me, calling me by my name thanking me for MY service. It was overwhelming and crazy to me but too cool that he took the time to do that for me

The very next day, I was back and able to make it up to Albuquerque where he'd be for the duke city gladiators arena football game. I brought him the Maryland flag I flew in Afghanistan, a picture of me holding it, the crew I flew it with and a patch. He shocked me YET AGAIN, when he asked ME to sign it. As you can see, my brain couldn't process that request very well 😂. He then told me, he's going to fly that flag, at HIS house and I don't doubt his words one bit. This man is super personable, down to earth, and all-around good guy. It was an amazing experience. THANKS COACH. #ravens #ravensnation" - @wellman0912

There were no reporters around, no media attention, just Coach expressing his gratitude for Wellman's service. 

It's not the first time someone's spotted Coach being generous.

Good on you, Coach! That's what the #RavensFlock is all about.

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