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SociaLight: Free Agency As Told Through Tony Jefferson's GIFs


There's no emotional roller-coaster quite like NFL free agency.

In the Twitter era, free agency can result in panicked tweeting if someone thinks their team isn't doing enough, or celebration GIFs when your team signs a big free agent. Or, in Tony Jefferson's case: both.

First, when Eric Weddle (his BFF) signed with the Los Angeles Rams, Tony was less than thrilled.

Tony might be the (self-proclaimed) GIF king, but that doesn't mean he approves of others' GIF usage.

Next up, the news that Antonio Brown was headed to Oakland and thus out of the AFC North division.

Monday, the legal tempering period began at noon.

Meanwhile, Brown's former teammate, Le'Veon Bell, was still available …

The rumor train continued to swirl and the Ravens were linked to Mark Ingram for the first time. Tony approved.

Jefferson's personal recruitment of Earl Thomas began.

And then, news broke that Terrell Suggs would be joining the Arizona Cardinals.

But, Tony would not be deterred.

When Za'Darius Smith, C.J. Mosley and Suggs agreed to terms with other teams, it was all love from their former teammate.

Anthony Barr changing his mind and returning to the Vikings? There's a GIF for that too.

The fake accounts fool even the GIF king.

All is fair in love and free agency.

Don't write off his squad.

The waiting took its toll.

And then the good news started coming.

But, the best news?

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