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SociaLight: Marlon Humphrey Hosts Victory Bowling, Lamar Jackson Hits Strike


One of the top questions since the departure of Eric Weddle this offseason is, "What about victory ice cream?"

Ravens fans got very attached to Weddle's postgame cheat meal of a huge, decadent mound of ice cream, complete with a special bowl.

Not to fear, Ravens Flock. I present, victory bowling!

Marlon Humphrey hosted his teammates at a local bowling alley after the preseason win versus the Green Bay Packers Thursday night. Nothing says team bonding like schooling your guys at the lanes.

Turns out, there is really nothing Lamar Jackson can't do. We saw his great first pitch at the Baltimore Orioles game a few weeks ago, and now he's throwing another kind of strike.

Marlon had to let everybody know it wasn't all strikes though.

Here's to hoping this tradition sticks and the strikes keep coming!

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