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SociaLight: Matthew Judon's Dating Show Headlines Quarantine Activities


In the era of social distancing, everyone is coming up with creative ways to pass the time.

If you've ever met Matthew Judon, you've probably thought to yourself, "Man, that guy needs his own show." Well, our wish came true. 

As he is quarantining at home with his family, Judon is playing matchmaker for his sister-in-law Jessica. Judon has dubbed the Instagram show, "Desperate at 35," despite the credits touting Jessica as a single 26-year-old. His show, his rules, I guess.

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Pilot eps 1

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We're all rooting for Jessica, but that Super Bowl dig stung a little.

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Episode two: getting to know Jessica

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If you're interested in Jessica, you can slide into Judon's DMs. It is 2020 after all, it goes down in the DMs.

Judon's family is probably just glad he found something to entertain himself.

Meanwhile, Ronnie Stanley is our latest player to challenge fans in video game battles on our YouTube page. Ronnie's game of choice was FIFA, as he is a huge FC Bayern fan.

Maybe Marlon Humphrey should be next!

Chuck Clark is passing the time in his own makeshift garage gym at home. Try this one out, fans!

Robert Griffin III has enlisted his wife, Grete, for couples workouts and TikToks.

Best TikTok of the week must go to Judon's daughter Aniyah though. Dance us out!

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