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SociaLight: Zay Flowers Gifted His Father a New Car

First-round pick Zay Flowers showed his appreciation for his father, who raised 14 children.

Zay Flowers' father, Willie Flowers, raised 14 children. When his 11th child reached the NFL, Willie got a reward.

With what must be one of his first major purchases as a pro, Zay Flowers bought his dad a new Mercedes luxury SUV as a thank you for all the sacrifices he made.

Flowers' purchase follow in the footsteps of another Ravens wide receiver. Rashod Bateman bought his mom a house in 2021.

Flowers' mother, Jackie Walden, died from a head injury in 2005, leaving his father in charge of the massive family. Flowers said he got his work ethic from his father.

"I used to see him get up and go to work at 4 a.m. in the morning; he did that every day Monday through Friday," Flowers said. "Then he would get up Saturday, wash our clothes at the wash house, cook everybody breakfast and take us to football games. Then, do the same thing Sunday, and then go back to work Monday. So, just seeing him do that, it gave me my drive."

Willie Flowers is also the person who started the connection between his son and Steve Smith Sr., a player Zay is now compared to.

"My dad always told me, 'It doesn't matter about size; it's about what's in your chest,'" Flowers said. "He always kept me motivated and said, 'You have to be like Steve Smith. Steve Smith was a dog.'"

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